Crush Them All MOD APK 1.1.022

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Download Crush Them All MOD APK 1.1.022 | – On this chance we will running our work as author to share this articles apk android category that in it have apk mod with quality of apk and its steady in the website of you’re too Download apk mod Crush Them All MOD APK 1.1.022 for free.

i recommend you to try this apk Crush Them All MOD APK 1.1.022 mod, if you very curious with that this game, you must download the apk from below.

Crush Them All MOD APK 1.1.022

Embark on an epic idle RPG adventure to kill foul monsters and save the princess in this brand new hack for Crush Them All

Grab your sword now and march through dangerous lands to slay all monsters and become a hero. Just tap to kill, collect and upgrade hundreds of heroes and artifacts.

Other features include:
– Devastating skills for your character
– Over a 1000 stages to advance through
– ASCEND to new worlds to earn prisms and make your army stronger.
– More than 50 powerful artifacts to craft for your heroes
– PROGRESS while being away, earning gold and battling enemies.

More info: Google Play
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up

Crush Them All 1.1.022 MOD APK (Game speed x30 multiplier)

– To login to Google, you must use UnSigned version. It needs Root and must know how to install.
– I tried modding attack/hp/crit rate/cooldown/quest cooldown but it affects enemy players also and I couldn’t find a way to change attack speed to 0 in float without crashing the game. Used “VMOV.F32 S0, #0.5 then next line VMOV R0, S0” so if any advanced modders are reading this, let me know if I did it wrong so I can implement all those other mods into the game.
Yes it is only a game speed x30 mod, but you can catch up to every legit person very quick. One day playing with mod is equal to 30 days or a month of playing legit.

Maybe it was just our review of Download Crush Them All MOD APK 1.1.022 hopefully useful.

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