Dead Legend – Coldest Winter v1.0 Mod

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Download Dead Legend – Coldest Winter v1.0 Mod | – On this spare time we will doing our tasks as author to post this articles apk android category which in it have apk mod with quality of apk and its steady in the website of your too Download apk mod Dead Legend – Coldest Winter v1.0 Mod for free.

i recommend you’re to try this apk Dead Legend – Coldest Winter v1.0 Mod mod, if you very curious with this this game, you must download the apk from below.

Dead Legend – Coldest Winter v1.0 Mod

Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Winter was coming…all lives were gone,but justice wasn’t…

Dead Legend - Coldest Winter v1.0 Mod

Yes, you were dead as a human being, but you were still alive as a zombie hunter.
Living and fighting with a human mind in a zombie body, you are the last hope of saving the world.

Most Important Tips:

★Shoot the head
then one bullet can make target dead

★Shoot fast
then you can get higher score

★When you face the boss zombie
then destroy his helmet first

★Bullet can pass through walls
then you can kill zombies without seeing them

★Grenades only kill zombies
so you can throw it freely into the “dead”

Game Play
☢ Add zombie boss who has super heavy armor and crazy attack,and you need to destroy his helmet first!
☢ Add battle vehicle store, you can purchase your own super cars!
☢ Upgrade “kill zombies on highway” mode where you can drive your super cars to kill zombies on highway!
☢ Upgrade “air support” mode where you can save our people with the “sniper mode” on the zombies’ head!

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☢ Top graphic on mobile games, integrate weather system include raining and snowing!
☢ High resolution 3D guns models and textures!
☢ Here your deadly trigger reflects its real performance in real life,M16,AK47,Mp5 etc, include sound effect!

Game control
(FPS mode)

Left 2/3 screen is for aiming, right for shoot
Shoot the head of them
Kill them faster
Then you can get high score
(Drive mode)

TILT the device left and right to smash the zombies
TAP on four corners of the screen to shoot the Zombies
(Life Saving mode)

Grenade was designed not to hurt human, you can use it where you want
Bullet can pass through walls, you can kill zombies without seeing them

Screen touching sensitivity setting is in “Pause” button,you can change the sensitivity if it is too difficult to aim


first release

Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Ammo
No Reload

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More Info:

Download Instructions:

Download [dailyuploads]


Download [suprafiles]

Maybe it was just our review of Download Dead Legend – Coldest Winter v1.0 Mod hopefully useful.

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