Sparkle APK 1.3.4

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Download Sparkle APK 1.3.4 | – On this spare time we will running our tasks as author to post this articles android apps category which including download mod apk with quality of apps and its very cool in the website of you’re too Download apk mod Sparkle APK 1.3.4 for free.

i recommend you to try this apk Sparkle APK 1.3.4 mod, if you very curious with this apk, you must download the apk from below.

Sparkle APK 1.3.4

Have fun shooting colorful marbles in this beautiful Sparkle game. Shoot to destroy the orbs of Darkness and save the world, but don’t let them fall into the abyss. You must match 3 orbs of the same color in order to blow them up!

As you progress and match even more, you’ll get awesome powerups to help you on your journey. The game is an awesome action puzzle for the whole family. Play now through 3 game modes, and uncover the 12 secrets of the woods!

Discover more than 10 powerful Amulets like Firebolt throughout your journey. Use the Amulets to clear some of the trickier challenges. Embark on an extraordinary journey and reclaim your land!

More info at Google Play
Requires Android 3.0 and up

Sparkle 1.3.4 APK

So our review of Download Sparkle APK 1.3.4 hopefully useful.

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